• Background


    Scott has been a design professional since the 90’s starting out designing websites and user interfaces (UI). He continues to design and develop through Inspired Labs, a showcase of helping business and entrepreneurs fulfil their mission.



    An eager, creative student of Electronic Media (Film as a Fine Art & Animation), at Wolverhampton University, 1998–2002. Encouraged to prototype installation art, improve his analytical interest in futurology and build immersive holographics, Scott was educated at a crucial period during the analogue-to-digital transition. He has been able to envision multiple design successes and reinvent himself satisfying the need for a challenge.

    Ahead of the curve

    Learning proprietary tools in the web's early years he realised that standards would eventually force change. Tangible examples include clay prototypes from 1998 – an eerie echo to the future of smartphones, including specifications.

    In 2004 Scott rendered artwork using an early 64bit version of 3D Studio, to be described by Autodesk's as "a cut above the rest". In 2005, he worked on a digital currency platform called netCash – an ominous precursor to cryptocurrancies on distributed ledgers.

    In 2007 Scott worked on multiple platform, responsive web design before it formally had a name and in 2009, designed single-page-apps using Wordpress. He has gone on to work on award winning, innovative projects and write boutique apps.

    The future

    Keen to maintain momentum, Scott brings his broad, deep experience to organisations on a mission. Personally, he is aspiring to be known for cross discipline flair.

    Scott Phillips Digital Artist, UX Designer

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